Seen any suspicious review activity?
Tell us about it.

It doesn’t matter whether this was for a product, a restaurant, a hotel stay or a local business. Whether it was on Amazon or eBay, Facebook or Google, TrustPilot or TripAdvisor – we’re keen to hear about your experiences (we have a few examples of what we need below).

We may follow up by email if we need more detail.

If you’re unsure exactly what we’re looking for, we’re especially interested in:

  • Examples of incentivised reviews - positive reviews that have been written in return for discounts, gifts or refunds.
  • Duplicate reviews – have you seen the same review posted multiple times on the same listing? What patterns are you seeing?
  • Unrelated reviews – ones that clearly do not match the product or service. For example, we found a pair of headphones with reviews for Acne cream, light shades and razor blades.

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